What is Halifax Academy?

Developing young players from grassroots to elite levels through basketball. The academy is focused on skill development and promoting positive values such as respect, teamwork,determination and hard work. The comprehensive curriculum covers on court training , strength and conditioning and basketball education for young players ages 6-18 who are interested in playing basketball. This program is led  by teams of foreign and  local coaches working directly with M7NG Athletics and Halifax Prep. The initiative exposes elite prospects to prep school levels and University level coaching and provide a global framework for them to maximize their success. Halifax Prep build on existing grassroots programming and community outreach program.



Student Athlete of the Halifax Academy will have the chance to train with or against the competition throughout the year and have the opportunity to be selected for travel teams such Hali Queens , Hali kings or Young kings

Halifax Academy coaches implement a curriculum developed by leading player development coaches that teaches the fundamentals of the game so the student-athletes improve individually and as teammates. Halifax Academy is also staffed with an experienced strength and conditioning coach who helps the student-athletes improve their athleticism and stay healthy.

Depending on the location of the academy, student-athletes either attend a local public school or receive a scholarship to a local prep or away school, and all student-athletes receive academic support as needed. In addition to academic development, the student-athletes receive life-skills training, including health and wellness education, financial management and career development.

The Halifax Academy is here to share the game of basketball with young athletes across the world by teaching skills, values, and wellness in a positive and fun environment. The holistic approach is intended to strengthen the culture of youth basketball, teach life lessons, and empower young athletes to succeed both on and off the court. Halifax Academy believes this philosophy leads to developing complete and well-rounded basketball players and individuals.

Basketball Curriculum


The Halifax Academy curriculum has been developed to help players, parents, coaches, and organizations better understand the process of improvement. The curriculum is a developmentally-based progression that depends on players mastering new skills before advancing to the next level. It’s not based on a player’s age, but rather on his or her proficiency at key skills.

In the first four levels of the curriculum, coaches will focus on teaching student-athletes the basic fundamentals of the game of basketball, and will use a skill progression checklist that helps players advance through developmental levels. As they progress through each level, players will be challenged by increasing the level of difficulty and intensity of the drills. This approach helps players to continually develop and enjoy the positive reinforcement of mastering new skills.

After completing the first four levels, student-athletes advance to an elite level of player development. This second stage focuses on the advancement and mastery of basketball skills learned throughout the first four stages, while placing significantly more focus on team concepts and competition. Coaches will introduce more complex basketball techniques, concepts and tactics that are commonly used in elite high school, university, and professional basketball programs.

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